Storytime special!

So, I abandoned my car (as you do) to go on some adventure in a private jet. After a few shenanigans I come back to find it crushed to half its original size.

No idea how this happened, but still, I like her sexy new look, so I decided to take her on a date around GTA!

Here we are enjoying the cool breeze and scenic views on the top of Mt. Chilliad!

Then we decided to take a trip out of town, to enjoy some time alone, far away on a remote island.

Then our favourite song came on the radio, it was so romantic.

After that we went to catch a film in Vinewood! We also went on a tour of Vinewood Hills!

After getting engaged, we went on a quick drive to book the flights for our honeymoon. We encountered some trouble on the way, and we got “bombed” by some sick bastards in a Titan.

I hope you enjoyed this tale of love, and loss. Losing that car changed me. I lie awake at night thinking about her, and suffering that loss turned me into the hardened criminal I am today.